Your Social Accounts & Hashtag Campaigns

Display your social media posts & hashtag campaigns on your website.

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How it works


Connect your social feeds & hashtags

Pull user generated and branded content into one place from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Personalize your Social Hub

Choose from various display layouts such as sliders or walls, and customize the look with your own colours.


Moderate what is displayed

Approve or reject posts - you have complete control!

The Benefits

Keep Your Website Fresh

Struggling to write news articles and update images? Simply post to your social media accounts and your Social Hub will be automatically updated.

Find and Display User Generated Content

The SoHubs platform will help you find posts that users tag you in and with one click, you can approve their post to display it on your website.

Increase Engagement

By aggregating and showcasing social media content, a social hub can create more opportunities for a customer to interact with a brand, whether it be through a retweet, or a shared Facebook post.

Build Trust

Brands that are active on social media are more trusted because their active presence indicates legitimacy. A social hub showcases this activity where it matters most.

Carousel Example

A Carousel (slider) is the most popular style of SoHub, easily embedded on any page (normally near the bottom/footer):

Social Wall Example

A 'Social Wall' SoHub is perfect for standalone pages such as competitions and events: